You Should Definitely Take an Antarctica Cruise. Here’s Why.


A luxury cruise vessel in antarctica

If you find the usual holiday suggestions in your local travel agency a bit bland for your taste, why not consider something a little different, like an Antarctica cruise?  Not your traditional holiday, a trip to the South Pole region will open your eyes and bring great reward to those intrepid enough to make the journey.

Those who have returned from an Antarctica cruise come back raving about the natural wonders of the South Pole region– the scenery (think icebergs, glaciers and nunataks) , endless days of sunlight during cruise season (typically during the southern hemisphere summer) and wildlife famous for enduring the harsh conditions of the region.
An Antarctic cruise is by far the best way to see this phenomenal and largely unexplored region. The South Pole is difficult to reach for many obvious reasons, so a pre planned cruise is one of the easiest ways to see the sights.  Included in many sailing plans is a cruise through the Drake Passage, stops at Elephant Island and Hope Bay, and even a few extra days on the Falkland Islands.

going ashore by zodiac on a luxury cruise in antarctica

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A nature lover’s paradise, those experiencing an expedition cruise in Antarctica will be sure to never forget the wonders of the South Pole region.  From graceful Emperor Penguins to hundreds of species of birds, from seals to sea life, there will be plenty of photo opportunities as you sail these little navigated waters.  Take a further look at the animals who call the Antarctic region their home here.

Interested? You can see reviews and tips on the Antarctic Adventure page on Tripadvisor. You can also find out a bit more about the environmental situation before embarking on a cruise holiday to the Antarctic .
Given the beautiful scenery enjoyed from the comfort of a modern cruise liner (see just how spectacular the views are) it is no surprise why an Antarctica cruise is topping more and more cruise fan’s lists. With prices no longer extortionate, now has never been a better time to book!