Why should you experience one of our Arctic cruises to Alaska?

As a customer of one of our Arctic cruises here at WILDFOOT, you will doubtless discover much of what makes this remotest of regions so great – from stunning snow-capped landscapes to an enchanting range of flora and fauna. But of course, it isn’t just the Arctic mainland that has the capacity to fascinate – as our Arctic cruises to Alaska abundantly demonstrate.

What might you already know about Alaska, especially if you do not live in the United States? You may associate it with Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and running mate of 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain, or you may simply consider it a largely unpopulated wintry wilderness. There is definite truth to the former and at least a semblance of truth to the latter, but there’s so much more about Alaska that captures the visitor’s imagination.

The figures certainly show that Alaska lives up to its reputation as a wilderness. While it is geographically more than twice the size of Texas and indeed, larger than the 22 smallest US states combined, only just over 730,000 people live here according to 2014 estimates, with half of them residents of the biggest city, Anchorage. Another indication of just how untamed Alaska remains by many of the trappings of human civilisation is the fact that only 20% of it is accessible by road – indeed, it has a mere 12 numbered highways.

It’s on appreciating these figures that you soon come to realise that Alaska in many ways bridges the gap between the rest of urbanised North America and the truly unbridled natural terrain that is the wider Arctic. The lack of people in Alaska is compensated for by wildlife like the bald eagle and Kodiak Brown Bear, not to mention the moose that can be spotted even in Anchorage.

Alaska’s natural majesty in its own right is only further enhanced by breathtaking mountains and glaciers – the state being home to North America’s highest peak, the 20,320 feet Mt. McKinley, which is just one of 17 Alaskan mountains that feature among the entire continent’s 20 tallest mountains. The glaciers here, too, are monumental, with more than 100,000 of them to be found within the Alaskan boundary.

To experience this meeting point of natural and manmade awe for yourself, simply enquire about the acclaimed Arctic cruises to Alaska that we so proudly offer right here at WILDFOOT.